About RWB Fund

The Red White and Blue (RWB) Fund was originally formed in 2011 to support Rick Santorum’s underdog presidential campaign. While Senator Santorum worked tirelessly to visit all of Iowa’s 99 counties and hold over 375 town hall meetings, RWB was supporting Santorum with television advertisements throughout the Hawkeye State. With RWB’s help, Senator Santorum shocked the establishment and won the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucus, and then another 10 states and 4 million votes – the most states won by a conservative anti-establishment upstart since Ronald Reagan in 1976.

RWB continues to support Senator Santorum, now working hand-in-hand with Santorum to endorse and support like-minded conservative candidates all across the country. RWB supports Senator Santorum’s political activities, helps Santorum-endorsed candidates by airing television and radio advertisements, and raising support from our thousands of conservative supporters.

Join the fight for conservatism with Rick Santorum and the Red White and Blue Fund today!

Mission Statement:

The Red White and Blue (RWB) Fund is the Super PAC that supports the political activities of former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. RWB is committed to supporting Senator Santorum and like-minded conservative candidates across America who also:

  • Believes in freedom and American exceptionalism;
  • Believes in entrepreneurship and opportunity as the best way to spur economic growth;
  • Believes the family is the foundation for a healthy society and strong economy;
  • Believes that the unborn, the disabled, and the most vulnerable in our society must be defended; and,
  • Believes that the first and most important role of our federal government is national defense.